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Health Guarantee


Purchaser Information

Name:____________________________   Phone#:______________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________    

City,State,Zip: ________________ _______________   Email __________________________


Puppy Information

Puppy’s Name: _____________  DOB: ______________  Microchip#: _________________

Dam’s Name : ________________________  Sire’s Name: _____________________________



This puppy to the best of my knowledge is completely healthy. In the event that this animal is diagnosed with a life threatening congenital/genetic defect or chronic congenital/genetic defect requiring treatment during one year from the date of birth, the pup may be returned for a refund or exchange.  A written and detailed report from the attending veterinarian must be provided that proves conclusively a pre-existing problem is present in the animal. This guarantee is void in the event of an indeterminable or inconclusive diagnosis. Adequate documentation from the attending veterinarian must be received by the seller within eight days from the diagnosis before a refund or exchange will be made. All veterinarian fees will be paid by the buyer.

The seller may request that the pup is returned for a refund. However, if the seller decides that buyer may keep the pup, the buyer will provide written proof of spay or neuter by the veterinarian that performed the surgery.  The buyer will not be eligible for a refund or replacement pup until the proof of spay or neuter is provided.

This guarantee does not include any illness due to the ingestion of foreign objects, improper feeding or supplementing, ingestion of chemicals, physical injury, or environmental factors.  ~ This guarantee does not warrant against giardia, Viral or Bacterial infections and Hypoglycemia. This guarantee does not guarantee nor is limited to Parvo, Coccidiosis, Distemper or Corona Virus, Kennel Cough, Pneumonia, Lyme disease, Heart-worm, Rabies. These diseases can be contracted once the puppy leaves the sellers home and seller will have no control over the environment the puppy is kept in or exposed to. This guarantee does not cover behavioral or training issues. This guarantee does not cover any injury sustained to the puppy by other acts such as but not limited to an injury from another animal or accident with a vehicle.


No warranty is given as to the size and weight that this puppy will attain.  No warranty is given concerning the level of shedding that this puppy exhibits.  No warranty is given in regards to the temperament of this puppy.


Puppies are a big responsibility of time and financial commitment.  We care so much for our puppies and have invested so much energy and love into them.  We realize that sometimes the commitment can be more than you bargained for.  We ask that, in the event that you are not able to care for your Pomsky pup — FOR ANY REASON—you will contact us to take your puppy back and re-home it.  We always know people who are looking for these wonderful companions.  Out of respect for us as breeders and for our puppies, we ask that you DO NOT sell or place our Pomsky puppies without our knowledge.  We will always take the puppy back!  Please do not place your Pomsky puppy with a broker, puppy mill, pet store or rescue shelter of any kind without contacting us.  It reflects poorly on breeders when our dogs are found in these places, and it is not necessary. We are small breeders and are seriously concerned for our puppies throughout their entire lives.  We are always available for you and your new pup at any point in the process.  If at any time you should move please notify the breeder and provide updated contact information so can continue to stay in touch. 


Sale Price $ _______ 

Shipping $ ________ 

3% CC fees if applies  $________ 

Deposit (non refundable) $ _________

Total $__________


Signature of Seller

                               ____________________________________________Date: ____________________________


Signature of Buyer

                               _______________________________________________Date: ____________________________

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